Your new robot employees can able to work 24 hours with real remote human support by Robot4Work humanoid robot fleet management.


Humanoid Robot Employee Management

Robot4Work Robotic Services provide humanoid robot employees to companies in the Hospitality and Service sector such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, museums, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc as receptionist, welcome staff or a retail sales assistant to improve workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our robots can work 7/24 synchronized with human employees, sensors and all devices seamlessly. Also, we backed the robots with a human support team to monitor the robots and understand the business and customer needs in case of any help needed. If a robot doesn’t understand a command 2 times, a human operator solves the customer’s request in seconds via the internet. Robots are able to work autonomously but our human support team just allow it to reach the excellent quality of work.


Let your guest and visitors experience their first encounter with a real speaking humanoid robot. Increase your Social Media Visibility.



Humanoid robots can work 24 hours at your store. All robots learning from each other. We can also analyze your visitors’ gender, age and other 18 attributes real-time.


Humanoid robots can bring your booth x25 more visitors and increase engagement up to 1200 people per hour (proven).

Marketing & PR

Humanoid robots can bring you instant results on PR on very low cost compared to other traditional solutions. Your brand can be viral overnight globally.


Speaking on important topics can not be interesting if the speaker is a actual humanoid robot. Let a robot to host your show.


Do you want more visitors and engagement for your museum or gallery.  A robot is not only interesting but can also be a tour guide.


Robot4Work allows humanoid robots to serve as hotel receptionist or a service staff. Your guest can be welcome by a robot and our robots can accept payments.


Humanoid robots can work as an assistant nurse and visit patient’s room multiple times to check latest status. Also can have conversation and play with children.


Humanoid Robots can be perfect assistant for teaching. Robots can teach foreign languages, lessons and answer unlimited questions without any border. 

Meet Lily

Lily is a new way of impressing your guests at your events.

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