Sanbot Elf
L 902mm (35.5in)

W 421mm (16.6in)

D 331mm (13in)

Weight 19kg

Lithium battery

20Ah / 5V

Runtime is about 4 hours; standby is over 10 hours

Mic x 7, RGB Camera x 2, 3D sensor x 1, Touch sensor x 7

Gyroscope sensor x 1, Human body induction sensor x 2, IR evading obstacle sensor x 1, IR message receiving sensor x 6, Touch sensor x 4, electronic compass sensor x 1

IR evading obstacle sensor x 4, Touch sensor x 2

IR evading obstacle sensor x 10, Omni Wheel x 3

HEAD – 2 x DOF, 180 degree at horizontal direction, 30 degree at vertical direction

HAND – 1×2(L/R) DOF, 270 degree swing back and forth

BASE – 3x DOF wheel sets

8.0MP HD camera

1.0MP HD color camera with 140 degree aspheric surface angle

10.1 inch 1080P HD capacitance 10-point touch display

Laser 1920 x 720

HD wide gamut output 60Hz

Aspect-ratio 16:9

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